Monday, June 8, 2009

Are You Preparing Yourself for Success?

I don't know about you, but I can't help but imagine how much better off we would all be if, collectively, we were thinking about how to continue on the path of success rather than the path of failure.  If you think about it, all we've been hearing from the media for the past year and a half (if not longer) is that we need to prepare for the economy to get worse, prepare for consumers to spend less, prepare for layoffs,  for travelers to take fewer and shorter trips, for conventions and business trips to be cancelled, for consumers to have less faith in the banking, housing, auto, healthcare, you name it, industries.  And really, all of those things have come true.  

Of course they have, it's what we've all been focusing on.  In fact, just yesterday Ben Stein on CBS Sunday Morning spoke of how hard the travel industry has been hit because of reactions to President Obama's suggestion that companies receiving government bail outs be very cognizant of how they spend their funds, and avoid lavish and unnecessary travel and spending.  However, he was not suggesting that companies in general avoid travel, cancel conventions, and eliminate spending on receptions or gatherings in general.  This in turn has had a huge trickle down effect, only making things worse.  

A similar effect is happening in businesses as companies continue to administer lay- offs, furloughs, and reduced hours while increasing workload and stress in the office. So how do we switch this around and prepare for success??  Because, after all, eventually the economy will turn around and customers will return to spend money - but will your company be ready to handle business?  If you've been finding ways to keep your staff motivated and dedicated to your company the answer may very well be "yes."  However, if you've been relying on the thought that "They should just be lucky they have a job." Well, what makes you think that once other companies start hiring again, your staff won't make a bee line for the door?  After all, they already know what you have to offer and if it hasn't been great, well why not take a chance on going with another company?    

The problem is that if they've been a productive part of your workforce, they take their education, training, and experience with them.  Leaving you to recruit, rehire, retrain, and reevaluate new employees - all at a hefty price to you. In fact, research shows that it costs an average of $65,000 to replace a middle manager-salary not included! It just makes good business sense to invest in your employees now, making them company advocates and saving you time and big bucks later. 

Some of the best ways to invest in your employees is by providing them with great leadership, professional development opportunities, consistent messaging, and employee incentives that won't break the bank.  All of which will lend a significant ROI, and keep your company preparing for success, rather than failure.    

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