Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dare to Day Dream

I was about 10 years into my successful career with a Fortune 50 company when it hit me. Now, it wasn't a the type of hit that comes at you from left field at 85 MPH, it was a gradual hit...the kind that takes place over several months or a fragile coastline slowly eroding in its beautiful surroundings.   I was living the life that any self-respecting career/family woman would envy - and I wasn't satisfied.  In fact, every time I sat at my desk or looked in the mirror, I couldn't help but hope this wasn't all there was to life. 
I found myself secretly day dreaming about the things I wanted to do with my career and my life and the type of people I wanted to work and surround myself with every day.

Luckily for me, I started on a path to figure out what it was that really mattered to me.  In fact, I needed to know what my purpose was/is in life and get a clear sense of what my dreams for "someday" might look like.

I found an amazing Dream Coach® program in San Francisco, CA,  founded by Marcia Wieder, who has been featured multiple times on the Oprah show.  Through this program I have been able to make incredible changes in my life and have obtained my coaching certification with the program.  

Throughout the process I have taken away several tips to creating a dream life which I share with my clients, and will now share with you.

1.  Dare to day dream.  Yes, I know it sounds a little frivolous, even selfish,  but believe me when I tell you it could very well give you the strength to go on helping the many other people in your life who are counting on you.  Think of it like the oxygen mask on an yourself first and then help those around you.  You must believe in the strength of your dreams and use the energy as fuel to keep you going and growing each day.  You deserve it.  You have the right to reach higher, to keep raising the bar on your expectations.  To quote James Ray, life is a cycle - like all living things, you're either in a cycle of growth or death (which one do you prefer?). 
2.  "Someday" is a myth.  If you're like me, you've been envisioning "someday" with a whimsical smile and a sigh of contentment for what is to come.  The problem is, your dreams for "someday" typically do not magically appear.  You need to tend to your dreams, acknowledge their existence, feed them, help them grow and become a reality. 
3. Don't turn your back on your reality.  What sometimes happens when we start to think about our amazing future is that we become overly irritated and disenchanted with our current reality.  I encourage you to realistically look at the present - while neither enhancing nor detracting from the facts.    It just is what it is - which means that adding more of what you love to do/be/see/etc. to your day is a great place to start.  Achieving your dreams is a series of small steps built around your overall strategy...the journey begins  with one step in the direction of your dreams. 

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Meeting Clinton Kelly!

Meeting Clinton Kelly!
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